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Geogrids & Civil Engineering

reinforcement of concrete floors / drainage for buildings, roads and tunnels / rock fall prevention from mountains / soil erosion prevention on slopes / reclaiming land from sea / landslide prevention / increasing visibility around construction projects

Garden, Agriculture, and Aquaculture

fencing for farms and gardens / protection of plants against extreme winds / protection of trees and plants against frost / protection of plants from damages / special net for climbing plants / shading net for greenhouses / insect mesh / cages and filters for fish hatcheries / special net for poultry cages / anti-bird net to prevent birds from pecking fruit trees or seeds

Industrial Applications

Protection of cellulose pads for coolers / separation inside warehouses and factories / special net for filter industries / protection of packing inside cooling towers / protection of industrial parts and steel pipes

Packaging Solutions

Packaging for different types of products such as fruits, vegetables, toys and gadgets, sport balls, dairy products and meat products.

Protection Mesh

Protection of industrial parts from damage / protection of steel pipes / protection of fire extinguisher / protection of glass bottles and fragile items